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THANK YOU! for your interest in this subject matter and in my story. INTENT: #support for the #significant_others of #transsexuals and #transgender, to #advocate the necessity of being your authentic self, and to share information with others. By this, I hope to support your own journey, or add to your understanding of the journey of someone you know. ABOUT ME: A 45 year old #heterosexual woman, divorced w/children, I met Jack and fell in love. Six years into our relationship, he confided his secret desire--Jack wanted to be a woman. Before his disclosure, I had no reason to suspect his interest. It was a shocking surprise! It was the decade of the 1990's. Little information was available to help ME understand 'Why' and 'What next". Not only was Jack in transition, but by virtue of the circumstance, so was I. Guided by my heart, I began a journey of my own. Stepping out of my comfort zone I challenged my attitudes and belief systems, as well as, my own sexual orientation to help me decide 'Do I stay, or do I go"?

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Informational links and videos for chosen topics are provided based on conversations and experiences I shared with J and the challenges that we faced. If the information provided helps just one person who views, it was worth my posting it.

Not everyone's need, or experience, will be the same as ours was.

By your View and your click on a particular post, I am able to know which topics are of most interest to the reader and will make sure I include responses to your interest within my book.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"I have no one I can talk to. I cannot tell friends or family. They won't understand."

When you first learn of your husband or boyfriend's desire to become female, you may not have had any idea at all that he felt this way. If your experience is at all like mine, you initially feel betrayed, confused, and angry. You are downright scared to death for what it all means to your relationship.

For me, I knew no one in my family or social circle would understand. There was no one I felt I could talk to. I began to try to reach out for information and education, for books, counselors, anyone who could explain it to me.

I am available to answer your questions. Feel free to ask. Please see the "where did you find support topic for other resources". If you cannot get on the blog to post a question or comment, e-mail me. I answer all questions. Know, that you are not alone. Reach out. #SO, #significant_other, #husband, #boyfriend, #Trans, #Transsexual, #M2F, #F2M, #LGBT, #support+wife, #No+one+to+talk+to #TeenTrans #friends #family #communication #betrayal #confusion #adjustmentdisorientation

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#HIV - unwitting exposure - Things to Think About

No one wants to contract HIV. However,risky sex behavior can put not only yourself at risk, but your unsuspecting spouse,wife,sexual partner.

Expect one of the first questions your significant other will ask when you come out with your Transsecret, will be "Are you Gay?" followed in quick succession with, "Have you had sex with men?" and then, a realization, that that type of sexual exposure, or any sexual activity outside of your exclusive committed relationship with her, may have put you both at HIV risk.

Whether you have had risky sexual exposure, or if you have never been tested for HIV, before you have your "I want to be a woman" talk with your significant other, get tested. Have the paper results in hand when you have your talk with her.

According to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation, 84% of women contracting HIV in the US have contracted HIV through heterosexual sex. 22% of women in the US fear that they might contract HIV.

In my own case, I questioned J with regard to risky sexual behavior with anyone - gay men, or others. Like many people are, having never been tested, he was in fear-based denial. In my book, I write about my fears, my feelings, and what happens.

#riskysex, #TS, #TG, #Trans, #significantother, #Transsecret, #committedrelationship, #LGB, #HIV, #AIDS, #Gay, #Lesbian, #sex, #unprotectedsex, #spouse, #wife,#TeenTrans #safesex

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Click and View a particular post to show interest. Thank you for supporting #writing #mystory.

In an effort to support significant others, and to see if there is an interest in my story, and the topic which is my relationship with M2F TS with regard to his>her coming out and transition, I am asking your help.In my story I share experiences, thoughts, and the feelings I had during J's transition. By doing so, I hope significant others, who may be having difficulty with the TS transition, will find it easier to understand and accept. I believe everyone should be able to live their life as their authentic self.

I have discovered that to comment on my blog you need Google+ profile. Anyone can read, and while I have not had many people respond to the actual blog to start a discussion, you are welcome to do so!! If you DO have a question, YOU ARE WELCOME TO SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS BY E-MAIL. I will respond to you that way if you like.

Your click on a topic also helps me see what topic you find of most interest. This is also helpful for posts I might add to the blog. I have posted videos and informational links as aids to those who need the information. Not everyone that views may find the information pertinent to their need. Each post reflects an experience I had with J.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How do you tell your children your #TSsecret? ;;;;

Please share your concerns about telling your #children your #TSsecret

How do you think they will respond when they learn Dad is coming out...?

Mom is coming out....?

Or... if a separated (divorced) parent was, now, dating and learned their partner was #TS...?

Your comments may help someone else who faces these situations prepare their own disclosure.When J came out, I told my children. A couple of them were surprised, but two others were not surprised at all. Children often sense what we as adults overlook, or, recognize on some level, what an adult may not initially grasp. They are often intuitive, and are very resilient. Consider, you ARE their parent. They don't want to lose your love. Reassurance is always good. Thank you for your comments. #trans #children #family #LGBT #TS #dad #mom #TSsecret #communication #honesty #comingout

Thursday, October 17, 2013

#Hetero #Significant_other, #wife did you suspect your #husband had #TSsecret before he came out to you?

J managed to keep his TSsecret from me. It is important to say here, that as betrayed as we might feel in the initial discovery of the TSsecret, it is not a secret that any person, or that the TS truly ever wants to keep. It is agony for any person to spend his/her life feeling that he or she can not be their true selves.

We feel betrayed when we learn that there was a part of them they never shared with us. We question "Did I ever know you at all?" and, "How can this happen if we love each other?" Trust seems to have shattered. But, it is important that I point out, that in many cases, it does not mean that your husband meant to betray your relationship, or that he loves YOU any less. In fact, that he often keeps his TSsecret because he loves YOU more than he loves himself. Comments? #TSsecret, #betrayal, #secret, #trueselves, #TG, #TG, #LGBT, #hetero, #relationships #feelings

Thursday, October 10, 2013

#Trans M2F or F2M - Begin #HRT #secret ...before #comingout?

#M2F or #F2M wants to begin #hormone replacement therapy, but has not come out to wife/spouse, husband/boyfriend, or significant other. Should he or she begin HRT before coming out? What HRT emotional changes or HRT physical changes can he or she expect? and how soon?

Since posting this, I have had many views, so I am aware that this is a common topic of concern. Thought I would add to the post.

Often the trans M2F does not tell their partner they are using HRT. They may "dabble" with the idea. 'Dabbling' means, start/stop, start/stop, several times before finally decide to go forward M>F. Hormones can have remarkable effects on the human body. Feminization or masculinization (F>M) occurs over time. For the M>F skin softening and lack of muscle tone, with some breast changes occur over the first 3-6 months. But how quickly physical changes occur is determined by individual response to hormone therapy. Psychological changes which I will consider for this post as "mood changes/swings" can also occur. This can be exemplified in the M>F as 'depression' or a 'lady term' "PMS-ing" to name a couple. In F>M, it is my understanding from others that it can be seen as 'depression' and unusual aggression

I cannot say that damage to our relationship didn't happen during these times of #secrets because the erratic behavior was unexplained. I honestly don't know that J even realized how much he 'changed' during these episodes, or how this unexplained behavior effected me. The usual result on the trans partner is sadness, concern, frustration over the behavior which is not understand and personal questions - 'What did I do?" My suggestion is, be honest with your partner. When you decide to try HRT, be up front and don't keep it a secret.

Please share your thoughts and your experience. #secret #honesty #HRTtherapy #HRT #HRT_emotional_changes #HRT_physical_changes #self_medicating #comingout #M2F #F2M #mood #depression #aggression #confusion #sadness #love #T #estrogen

Check out the video by Violet4151 in the sidebar.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I fear telling my #significantother of my desire to change #M2F or #F2M because I think she/he will leave me.

Not knowing how to tell your #significant_other can be a huge problem for many men or women who are #Trans #TG or #TS, who secretly desire to be female or male. For many, who deeply love their spouse/chosen life partner, they feel they will lose the person they love if they tell them their #TGsecret. #Opencommunication about their feelings seems impossible. The inability to express the need for #Trans change, may add to the inner despair that the #TG #TS feels. I have heard this expressed quite consistently. (I am often reminded that most of us want "Someone To Love" and think of the song written by Percy Mayfield that was sung by Sade in the Movie "Philadelphia". See U-Tube video in sidebar)

If you have taken this step with your #spouse #significanother, would you share how you told your her? #truth #honesty #love #M2F #F2M #trueself #authenticself #partner #significant_other